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I originally went on a style mission to find a current look inspired by my favorite princess of all time, Belle. Once I nailed down the perfect look, I had a friend comment that she was getting serious Cinderella vibes from my dress. Well that’s GREAT news! A dress that embodies both the feels of Belle AND Cinderella? Two princesses in one dress? Multi tasking never looked so drop dead pretty! Not only did I manage to modernize two iconic, arguably the best Disney princesses of all time, but I’ve tackled both the Into The Woods musical and the Beauty And The Beast musical in a single look. Feel free to stand up and slow clap me in three…two…one! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

Shop this perfectly Belle and perfectly Cinderella lookย HERE

You can also shop some of my favorite little blue dresses that are sure to make you feel as epic and elegant as any Disney princesses HEREย (this one gives me some serious Cinderella vibes and it’s under 150 dollars) andย HERE(this one gives me all the Belle in the Village feels, and it perfect for summer).

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40 thoughts on “Broadway Musical Series: Belle Vs. Cinderella”

  1. Belle is my favorite Disney princess as well. I love the dress, I would love to wear it. I think that If your hair was let down and only a few straps of hair braided and pin in the back you would have looked more like Belle. I also like the roses.

    1. They are both Broadway musicals already! Beauty and the Beast is itโ€™s own show and Cinderella is in Into The Woods! So fun!

  2. I can definitely see the princess vibes in this dress. I think I get the Cinderella vibe from your hair, but that dress is Belle all the way!

  3. I love all things Disney so this dress’s nod to Cinderella is so dreamy. It’s not over the top and so elegant. You look lovely!

    1. Ha! Your daughter is way too young for off the shoulder! But if you look super close you can see I am wearing a neutral tee under because I donโ€™t show my shoulders for religious purposes. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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