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It’s international baby wearing week?!! What?!? That’s a celebration I can get behind! I’m a huge fan of wearing my babies for a few reasons:

First of all I believe babies have a natural, biological need to be close to their mother or caregiver. I love my babies so much I WANT to accommodate them and hold them All. Day. Long. But let’s be realistic, I need to get stuff DONE. I need to do the laundry a hundred times a day, wipe my older children’s runny noses, do the million dishes piled up in my sink, sword fight with my three and five year old, go dance at the studio…the ‘to do’ list never ends. This is why baby wearing is so practical, I can do ALLLLLLL the mom duties while simultaneously holding and loving on my baby. My baby carriers allows me to have an ‘extra set of hands’, and that’s a huge lifesaver as a mom!

Secondly, I believe wearing my babies often allows me to bond quickly with them. The fact that my sweet babies are near and close to me most of the day allows for more snuggles, cuddles, kisses and lots of eye contact. These are important and essential actions in the mother and baby bonding process.

Finally, I love baby wearing because it helps me get my pre pregnancy body back. Yes, you read that right. Wearing a fifteen pound baby around for several hours a day qualifies as a workout. I pick up my house (squats) while wearing a baby and race after my wild three and five year old at the park while wearing a baby (cardio). Postpartum extra weight can be kissed good bye a little faster while wearing babies.

I’ve tried several brands of baby carriers and many different styles through out my years as a Mom. My current favorite is Ergo Baby! Their carriers provide excellent back support for mom ( I’m not exactly a spring chicken any more, I need solid back support #grandmastatus) and places baby’s hips in the healthiest and safest position to be carried about. It also doesn’t hurt that these carriers are super cute and stylish! I am wearing The Original Baby Carrier in black twill in these photos! I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY and I LOVE IT every single day.

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