Let’s work together! I promise it will be so fun and exciting, you’ll forget we are working.

As a blogger, I produce all of the written content and most of the photography here at Jeanette Renee Blog. I adore showcasing the latest and greatest in must have mommy products and all things pretty and fashionable! Please contact me at to propose your partnership ideas so we can create something beautiful together!

Here are some examples of work I have done for brands recently:

-Jord Watches Blog Post and Instagram Post

-Baby Led Sleep Workshop Blog Post and Instagram Post

-Maven Thread Blog Post and Instagram Post

-Blondes In Bows Instagram Post 

-TwistShake Baby Instagram Post 

Here is a comprehensive list of services I offer to brands and companies:

-Social Media Campaigns

-Sponsored Posts

-Brand Ambassadorship

-Instagram/ Blog Takeovers

I’m  also open to any and all ideas so DON’T be shy, I would love to get creative with you!