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My family and I love to laugh together. Laughter is the key ingredient to a successful marriage, a happy family life and living life to the fullest. My husband and I laugh at our ridiculous, and often times immature, jokes we tell each other. The kids and I laugh until we cry playing Pie Face, swinging on park swings and telling each other silly stories about crazy monsters and candy castles made of marshmallows and cotton candy. The small and simple, beautiful moments of motherhood are often times accompanied by smiles, giggles and laughter.

A confident and healthy smile is something I strive for in both myself and in my children. As the wife of a dental professional, I find myself very concerned with keeping my own smile and the smiles of my children in tip top form. Twice a day brushing and flossing, and a healthy diet limited in refined and processed sugar, accompanied by regular visits to the dentist for cleanings, X-rays and exams are critical to a healthy and happy smile. Despite all of my efforts to maintain my pearly whites, I’ve noticed over the course of the last few years that my teeth have become a little less radiant and instagram perfect white.

Enter the amazing at home teeth whitening system Smile Brilliant. An individualized and personalized way to whiten your teeth in the comfort and convenience of your own home with professional results. I have LOVED being able to see dental office results without having to find a babysitter for my kids while I sneak away to the dentist office (or bother my husband to make me custom-fitted trays ).

Laughter with my children has never been so radiant, and pearly white as it is now that I have whitened with Smile Brilliant. Please make sure to check out there amazing whitening system if you feel your teeth could use a little brightening and lightening. Make sure that you are up to date with your dental cleanings and exams before starting this program (hey I’m the wife of a dental professional, I had to throw that disclaimer in the post). I have been so thrilled with my results! Check out my before and after photos below!



My results were subtle, as my teeth were already fairly light to begin with, but I can totally see a difference that I love!

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