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As a practicing Mormon, I adhere to a fairly strict dress code (when I am dancing, swimming and working out are dress code exceptions). My religious dress standards are outlined as: shoulders are to be covered, no plunging back or necklines and legs above the knee are not to be exposed. As a teenager, I found these standards to be boring, annoying and as constricting as a starving South American Boa constrictor. I remember rebelliously changing out of my Bermuda shorts in exchange for skirts so short they would make Daisy Duke blush a few times each summer and being totally envious of my girlfriend’s strap-less dresses at Homecoming and Prom.

As a young adult in college, I came around to embracing these religious dress standards on my own terms. I realized that dressing conservatively didn’t necessarily equate to boring, outdated or matronly. I set out on a mission to create my own style bible and dress exactly how I wanted to, while still adhering to my religious standards.

Here are the easy and inexpensive style hacks that I picked up along my conservative fashion journey that have been SO helpful:

Shop this darling dress and shoes HERE and HERE 

A NEUTRAL LIGHT WEIGHT/FITTED TEE ! Many dresses I buy have sheer sleeves or necklines. This can easily be remedied by throwing on a nude cap sleeved top! My favorite is this Neutral Under-All Top by Rachel Parcel! It is so light and fitted I never notice I am wearing an additional layer! You can grab yours HERE. 👇🏻I’m totally wearing a nude fitted tee under this dress! You can’t even tell!

Shop my current favorite skater dress HERE and these classic nude pumps HERE

A LACE EXTENDER SKIRT! Many of my favorite dresses I’ve ordered in my closet right now barely hit the knee or miss the mark by an inch or so when I sit down. Rather than deeming these dresses unwearable, I throw on an extender skirt with a lovely lace trim. Boom! Now that inch is no longer an issue and who doesn’t love lace? You can find a variety of affordable and stylish extender skirts for pencil skirts or dresses HERE and for a fuller skirt or dresses HERE.

OPAQUE TIGHTS! This is a seasonal solution that doesn’t work in warm weather, but opaque tights are a staple in my wardrobe during the fall and winter seasons. This little fashion accessory is mandatory for my skirts or dresses that hit my knee while standing, but rise up more than I would like while seated. You can find opaque tights literally everywhere and a variety of price points! I always grab mine at Target!

Shop a similar Peter Pan dress HERE

Love this?!! PIN IT👇🏻 to your style board babe! You can also shop this 👇🏻classy dress HERE

Or pin this one! 👇🏻Or both?!? 😂

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7 thoughts on “Fashion Hacks: Make Any Dress Modest”

  1. I LOVE all of these ideas! I don’t have any sort of dress code but I do love to make outfits more modest sometimes. It’s just more comfortable! I LOVE skirt extenders!

    1. I agree. Even if I didn’t have any sort of formal dress code I don’t feel comfy in plunging necklines or too short of short or skirts just as a personal preference.

    1. Yeah, you really have to get a micro scope to notice it. It’s under about 75 percent of my clothes and no one notices.

  2. These ideas are so useful! Especially the nude tee under a dress. I’m pretty sure I need to look into buying a lace extender, because I have so many dresses I love, but they are a little short for my liking. I love your beautiful modest style!

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