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Happy Work Out Wear Wednesday Babes!

This week I hit the squat rack HARD at the gym! Ladies, let me tell you…it’s excruciatingly painful to walk up my stairs two days later. I just keep telling myself with a forced smile, “What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER…(or walk really strangely in this situation).”

We all know working out can lead to some blood, sweat and tears, but shopping for cute athletic wear should be nothing but butterflies and rainbows. Here are some of my favorite athletic looks by the athletic brand, Michi!

I have owned my Michi tanks and leggings for almost a year. I wear the pieces several times a week and do some serious exercise routines in them: ballet class, free weights, the Stairmaster, and wrestling/ piggy back rides with the kids, ect. The pieces are still in stellar condition, even after all of that grueling wear and tear. If clothing can withstand my wild circus show of children, the ballet studio and the gym, it’s a suburb quality!

Leave your favorite work out routine and why in the comments! I’m always searching for new and fun ways to get my fitness on!

Shop very similar, fashionable activewear by Michi Here:



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