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My deepest, darkest secret is that I am a big FAT musical theatre GEEK. Kidding, that’s a fact I’m VERY open about and ridiculously proud of. I play musical theatre tunes day and night. I sing Les Miserables and Phantom Of The Opera as I put my babies to bed and belt out show tunes in the shower with absolutely ZERO shame.

My new fashion series will showcase modern-day wear inspired by musical theatre characters. My first experience with musical theatre was when I was five years old. I sat down and watched the movie West Side Story with my dad and LOVED IT. The gangsters dancing complex choreography through the streets of New York, the Romeo and Juliet love story, the dancing, the singing, the drama…it was a FEAST for my five-year old eyes!

As a tribute to my five-year old self belting out ‘I Feel Pretty’ while dancing in my living room, I’ve rounded up a selection of lovely, white lace, dresses inspired by the female lead, Maria’s costume she wears to the dance she meets Tony (her Romeo) at.

Shop Similar, show stopping white ‘Maria’ dresses, just in time for the spring season and Easter, HERE, and this beauty HERE is only 32 dollars!

My white dress pictured is by Rachel Parcel! Her designs are super flattering and very reasonably priced for excellent quality! Check out her line HERE.  This exact dress is unfortunately no longer in stock, but it is totally worth checking out her collections of classic and modest fashion!

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