Fact: Motherhood is exhausting. I was up all night with a baby, officially summoned at the crack of dawn by my three and five-year old, and I haven’t had more than a five-minute power nap in the last five years. Sleep deprivation is very real in my house and most days I look and feel like a Walking Dead extra. My heart tells me that today is the perfect day to grab some donuts, stay in pajamas, and allow the kids to turn my home into a condemned war zone by noon while I zone out and binge watch Netflix.

Unfortunately, my brain offers an irresistibly productive alternative plan: Put on this cute Alo active wear, get sweaty at the gym and allow the kids to release their energy at the park after. You know? Maybe accomplish SOMETHING today? I wrangle all three kids into the car and head to the gym.

While driving to the park from kickboxing class, I pass the local donut shop. My mouth waters, but I resist the temptation…momontarily.  Two blocks later I felt so much regret for not picking up a dozen donuts, I flipped an illegal U-turn and headed straight back to Donut Mania. Balance is mandatory in life. I figured why not have the best of both worlds today? Kickboxing, cute work out clothes, and donuts?

You can shop this amazingly comfy and stylish active wear look here:


Motto Leggings  (the color featured here is the Alloy Glossy)

Shoes (Kidding…don’t buy these shoes, they are totally uncomfortable)

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