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It’s not a secret that the British brand, Ted Baker, has stolen my sweet little fashion heart recently. As a devout Harry Potter enthusiast, lover of Daniel Craig (just to clarify not an actual ‘lover’ of James Bond…but a frumpy Mom can dream right? 😂) and a giant fan of literally EVERYTHING the Duchess of Cambridge wears, I shouldn’t be shocked to find yet another British import to adore and admire.

Let’s talk two important details : Price point and quality. The price point of a Ted Baker piece is going to cost you more than a Forever 21 or Target find. However, we also aren’t at the sky-high price point of high-end luxury brands such as Gucci or Chanel, where you might pay an arm, a leg and your first-born child for a purse. We are in the happy medium. The quality of the products I have recently purchased are excellent and totally reflective of the higher price tag. They are built to LAST and constructed FLAWLESSLY. The designs are timeless which a hint of sophisticated fun and trendy-ness.

Here are my top picks of the current Ted Baker collection! I have linked them all up for you!

Photo Number One: A lovely Body Con DRESS that looks like a pencil skirt and blush blouse! Yes PLEASE?!?! The bow is also removable! Shop that look HERE.

Photo Number Two: A pleaded Skirt dress with delicate floral print! So lovely and light for the spring! Shop that look HERE. Linked HERE is a similar dress in a different print!

Photo Number Three: I’ve linked up a similar silhouette, as this one JUST sold out! Shop a similar, lovely dress HERE.

You can also shop my classic nude pumps and strappy pumps HERE and HERE!

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