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Exercise. We all need it. Some of us HATE it. Some of us LOVE it. Love to feel the burn or not, we all CAN unanimously agree on this: we need to look stylish and cute while we get our sweat on!

My workout clothes get A TON of use because I’m one of those love to exercise freaks. My goal has been to step out of my Lululemon box and explore new athletic brands (although I still frequent Lululemon on the regular) and my first step outside of my workout gear box was Athleta!

With super stylish selections geared towards specific athletic activities (Pilates, high impact, outdoor, indoor…you name the activity and they have gear designed to optimize performance specifically for that activity) Athena did not disappoint while I shopped their selections. I decided to give the High Rise Jacquard Chaturanga a try! The fit is super snug and comfortable and inspired for Yoga, Pilates, and studio exercise. I love wearing them when I hit the weight room or the stair master as well. You can shop this look, in a variety of patterns and colors HERE.

My tank top is also from Athleta! I love how it’s nice and snug along my body so I never have to worry about my workout jam being interrupted by a baggy or annoying shirt! The color was pretty much made for me, Ballerina Gown 😍, but you can select a huge variety of colors in this high performance tank! You can get this piece HERE.

Whether you love exercise or loath it, it’s always a bonus to look AMAZING while you do it! What are your current favorite workout routines/ activities?!?

Happy Shopping Lovelies,



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12 thoughts on “WorkOut Wear Wednesday Pilot Episode”

  1. You are literally the cutest!!! I was just thinking that I need some new workout clothes. I also need to workout 😂😂😂. You gave me some inspiration to do both of those lol.

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