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Oh Hello Tuesday! Alright girls, let’s talk Target style one more time this month before my husband finds the Red Card statement and burns the card from all this style treasure hunting on a budget I’ve been doing. Whoops!

Today’s lovely, fit and flare, lace detailed dress surprised me when I tried it on after I bought it. It was SHORT! WAY too short for someone my age. My husband would respectively disagree since he’s a leg man, but running around with the kids in a dress that short just isn’t at all practical or functional. Don’t worry! I’m a creative problem solver and had a quick solution to this style crisis. I tossed a black extender slip under the dress (which adds a cute extra inch of lace) and BOOM! Perfect length dress for a mom of three, crisis averted.

You can shop similar, darling Target fit and flare dresses at budget friendly price points HERE and HERE! My cute black and white backpack is also still available for purchase HERE.

Happy Shopping!



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3 thoughts on “Target Tuesday Fashion Feature Episode Three”

  1. Omg I’ve never heard of extender slips before. What a cute and practical way to solve the problem of having a dress that is too short. Definitely need one in my life!! Super cute!!

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