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My pilot episode of ‘Target Tuesday Fashion Feature’ was well received enough to style another fashionable Mom approved look from the accessible and affordable store. This time I am show-casing a darling look by the brand Who, What, Wear for Target.

Ruffle details and contrasting polka dots take center stage in this frilly with a dash of sophisticated dress. I am especially obsessed with the ruffled cuffs at the end of the sleeves, which creates a very polished and feminine finish. If you love this darling dress as much as I do, click HERE to shop the look!

At a fantastic 34.99 price point, I wear this dress on the go with the kids. I look pulled together and stylish while never bating an eyelash when a baby spits up on it, or a toddler rubs dirt all over it at the park! It machine washes up perfectly, as if my children never attempted to demolish it.

Target has been so on trend with their clothes and accessories this year that any time I dash into the store for milk and toothpaste, I come out with milk, toothpaste, ten dresses, a few new sunnies and a random assortment of cute accessories. Like seriously Target…STOP IT. 😂

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28 thoughts on “Target Tuesday Fashion Feature: Episode 1”

  1. You look so pretty in this. Target always has such fabulous things. I love how they aren’t too expensive as well. I nearly fall off the couch when a fashion blogger is like, “And this dress is a bargain at $299!” Uh, no, that’s NOT a bargain. $34.99 is a bargain 😉

  2. I can’t believe that this is from target I love the on trend ruffles and polka dot print and the mesh detailing is so cute. Plus who doesn’t like a bargain, perfect for those who are always on the go!

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