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When my ultra sound revealed that my third child was a little PRINCESS, I was so thrilled to have a mini me! I immediatly had starry eyed visions of coordinating outifits and Princess Ballerina tea parties for the next 18 years. 😂😍Hey…a mom can dream right? I know one day my little lady will be opinionated about what she wears and will want to be the commandor of her wardrobe. I vow to fully support her future creativity and vision, but for now, I’m in charge. And it’s SO FUN! Little girl clothes and accessories are out of control AMAZING to shop for! Here is a list of some of my favorite shops and stores for little girl accessories!

Blondes In Bows is my go to brand for statement oversized bows for babies/toddlers and even older girls. If you are super girly like me, you can even purchase adult sizes to match your little lady. We wear our bows EVERYWHERE and are regularly complimented on how darling our bows are. They are not only super cute and eye catching, but they are great for hiding how much of a hot mess my hair regularly is #momlife. Check out the Blondes in Bows shop HERE to pick up yours today!

Baby Bling Bows is an incredible one stop shop for all things little princess and fun! Scout and I love their Classic Leather Bows on skinny nylon! Available in a wide variety of colors, they are a staple in any little ladies accessory closet!

We also adore the Classic Knots head bands! Baby Bling Bows has such an incredible color selection, I’ve never had a hard time finding any color I dreamed of on their site! You can visit Baby Bling Bows site HERE!

My final pick in my must have little girls accessory line up is a custom floral headpiece from House of Monroe! Handcrafted and designed to your vision, House of Monroe creations are stunning, one of a kind pieces. I had this piece commissioned for my brother’s wedding. Naturally, Scout stole the show as the chubby flower girl in her House of Monroe mini on nylon. Check out the House of Monroe artful creations HERE.

Dressing up a little mini me has truly been such a fun experience! I’m so grateful that for the time being little Scout and I have perfectly aligned fashion philosophies! 😂

Happy Shopping and thanks for swinging by!



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29 thoughts on “Must Have Baby Girl Accessories!”

  1. I am OBSESSED with all of your adorable coordinating outfits! If I have a girl next, I’m pretty sure we’re going to go broke LOL.

  2. This was exactly why I always wanted a girl…(but of course I got a boy instead…Love it). Before I was always thinking of how I would dress her up. These photos are so precious. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my son for anything, but these girls in bows are adorable.

  3. She is adorable. Every little girl needs a bow or two. A girl has to compliment her outfit. It’s so fun to play with little girls wardrobes and accessorize.

  4. You’re so lucky! My daughter was an opinionated tween before she would even consider a bow for more than 10 seconds! The good news is we have fun doing each others’ hair — even if her styles are sometimes wacky!

  5. These pictures are all so cute. I love babies in bows. I can not wait to have a little girl grand baby to spoil someday.

  6. I love all of these cute images – especially the one of you and your mini-me! As the mother of two daughters, just like you I really enjoyed dressing the girls in beautiful clothing and accessories. 🙂

  7. Those are so cute! I remember when my niece is still a baby, we bought a lot for her. My favorite here is the floral headpiece.

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