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In my first ever Target Tuesday fashion feature I present to you (drum roll please…): A long sleeved velvet dress with ruffle details by Mossimo, available at Target in stores and online!

When I was a little girl ALL of my Christmas dresses were made of velvet and I remember feeling so fancy and pretty wearing it! So you can imagine my excitement to see that velvet made a come back in a huge way this season. My kids LOVE touching and feeling how soft this dress is when I wear it! For the sweet price of 24.99, not only do I look much more pulled together and polished than I actually am, but my kids think I’m more fun and extra soft to cuddle. Ha! Win, win situation right there.

This dress is also easily dressed up or dressed down. During the day I pair it with a cute pair of ballet flats and can transition pretty seamlessly into a date night worthy look by throwing on some fancy tights and heels! Multi tasking fashion for the win!

If you want to be fashionably snuggly with me you can purchase this velvet beauty HERE. This fun and flirty dress is also available in a gorgeous mauve color!

Happy Shopping Babes!


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38 thoughts on “Target Tuesday Fashion Feature”

  1. I was pleased with the selection Target had for their fall season. Tagregt has always been awesome, but their women’s RTW buyers were on point. I lost count of how much I’ve spent there!
    Velvet was such a big trend, and I totally invested in some great pieces. Dresses are a great way for those who just want a small piece to incorporate, that is versatile. Love it!

  2. There really is something rather festive about wearing velvet and I love how you can wear it at any age and it is still timeless. I love the black velvet on you and how you have styled it with the tights x

  3. You both look fantastic. I am in love with your tights. They would look great with a few of my shorter dresses. I need to get a few velvet pieces.

  4. You have great style and your baby is adorable! It’s too bad the target stores in Canada didn’t do so well but I’ll be on the lookout for a velvet dress this new year!

  5. This is such a cute mother-daughter duo! Every time I go to Target, I never come out with the things I intended to get. It’s okay though because I’ll need it…. eventually 😉 You’d be surprise with how many cute fashion clothing they have. Most of the blouses I wear are from Target and people have no idea! I always get compliments.

  6. I love your outfit, it really suits you! the tights are perfect match to your dress. You really do look like a Ballerina I mean you are right. 🙂 The baby is so cute with her attire as well.

  7. I could probably Rock something like that, a little mascara and red lipstick and you got yourself a deal! I can see how the kids would love it too, also could work in any season :p great pick!

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