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The holidays are upon us! Allow me to ease your burden of holiday shopping! I know, I know, I’m such a good friend to help you bare this enormous first world problem on your shoulders. Thanks to the lovely Christie Moeller (you can visit her stylish site and blog HERE) and the fabulous shopping center, DOWNTOWN SUMMERLIN, I can confidently make some stellar gift recommendations to you! I don’t recommend any product on my blog unless I have personally used it, so this blogger event was a great way for me to familiarize myself with new brands and products for the holiday season. I present to you my first ever Holiday Gift List:

Jo Malone: Here is all you need to know of their quality fragrances and products: When the stylish and essentially flawless Duchess of Cambridge (formally Katherine Middleton), was married she wore the Jo Malone fragrance ‘Orange Blossom’ as she walked down the aisle at her royal wedding. Enough said. Seriously, it doesn’t get much more classy or elegant than that friends. Each and every scent procured by Jo Malone is elegant, sophisticated and never over whelming. The brand even has lovely collections of candles, bath oils and body lotions. All heavenly. You can read more about Jo Malone in my blog post exclusively dedicated to their brand HERE or visit their direct website HERE!

For the food lover on your shopping check list I highly recommend checking out Oil and Vinegar! Their selection of exotic and uniquely flavored olive oils and fancy food is every food lovers paradise. Beautifully packaged gift baskets are available for that special wow factor as well! I will be purchasing gifts for my husband’s offices here!

The next store I was lucky enough to tour was Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo. All of her unique and stunning pieces are handcrafted on sight! These pieces are show stoppers for the fashion lover on your gift list. The product quality is incredible and the designs are so stylish!

West Elm is one of the home decor stores I have been dreaming of visiting but just haven’t had the time to explore their show room/ store. I was totally wowed by the stunning collection of beautiful furniture and home decor at this blogger event! I have a house I have been putting off furnishing because I find it a little overwhelming, but now I feel inspired by West Elm’s lovely decor and furniture! You can also find beautiful gifts for hosts of parties here!

For the girly girl on your holiday shopping list, who loves to be pampered and adores her beauty products, consider taking a look at Aveda! They are all natural and my favorite aspect of this genius company is they donate a portion of their revenue to developing industries in third world countries in an effort to provide careers and jobs for women. Wonderful products and charity work focused on women! Sign me up please!!!

Our last stop on our winter wonderland tour was the delicious and popular restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen! If you don’t love pizza, you don’t have a soul right (kidding…sort of)? CPK offers incredible gift cards which are perfect gifts for friends, family and co workers! In years past I have purchased gift cards for family members from CPK because I love to gift experiences (dinners, movies, shows ect.)!

I hope these unique and fun holiday gift suggestions where helpful! Happy Holidays!

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