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The most valuable piece of information passed on to me when I decided to pursue my own style blog was this: “Stay true to your personal style.” Sounds easy right? Wrong! Try again. I’ve betrayed my personal style once before. Yep. Judas style

First semester of high school, freshman year, I didn’t dress ANYTHING like my peers. I wore exactly what I loved: a dressy dress, knee high socks, saddle shoes and a coordinating bow in my hair. I remember looking in the mirror every day before leaving school and thinking, “I look AH-MAZING!’ I was wrong a million times as a teenager, but I was completely right on this one, I did look amazing.

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Fast forward to the second semester of freshman year: I’m wearing  jeans, a poorly fitting, obscure skateboard brand t-shirt and a battered pair of converse shoes. WHAT HAPPENED? Long story short: I allowed myself to be manipulated by a group of teenagers who had me completely convinced that I would be “sooooo much cooler” if I ditched the Barbie princess look in exchange for the current ‘cool kid’ skateboard chic look. I wholeheartedly believed they were right.

That day I ran home and quickly moved my collection of dresses and saddle shoes to the back of my closet and I begged my mom to take me shopping for different clothes. While trying on clothes at the local skateboard shop ( I was a ballet dancer in a skateboard shop …🙄), I remember looking up and down at myself in the dressing room mirror. I hated the clothes. I hated how I felt in them. Perfect. I walked out of the dressing room and triumphantly purchased every single item I tried on. I felt like a traitor, but figured it was a small price to pay in exchange for the approval of my classmates.


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I paraded around my school like a miserable imposter for months. It was agonizing. Then one day, a solution to my misery hit me like a freight train: I was unhappy because I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. It was time to dress like myself, for myself again, even if that meant I stood out like a sore thumb. I gathered my collection of skateboarding clothes and donated them to the local Goodwill. I pulled out my old clothes from the back of my closet and dusted them off. My frilly dresses, knee high socks, saddle shoes and border line ridiculous hair accessories were restored to their former glory that day.

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Learn from my mistake: Personal style is all about YOU and what makes YOU happy, comfortable and confident. Fashion magazines and style bloggers can preach about what’s ‘in’, what’s ‘out’, what’s ‘cool’, all day long, if you don’t love it a million percent, take a hard pass. Wear what you love and embrace it, even when no one else is on board with you. Rompers were totally a thing a few months ago, and as much as I appreciated a girl who could rock that trend, any time I tried one on in a dressing room, I looked and felt ridiculous. So I just didn’t with the rompers and the overalls. No big deal.

I’ve posted some outfits through out this post I’m loving right now because they are just ‘so unapologetically Jeanette’ (as my mom would say) and are so fun for me to wear because they are just so ‘me’.  If you love them as much as I do click on the link to be directly taken to the store I purchased them at!

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22 thoughts on “Authentic Fashion”

  1. Oh my lanta, this hit me hard today!!!! It’s taken until I’ve reached my thirties to embrace the fashion I love wearing the most, and not worry about whether or not it’s on trend. I don’t care anymore, and feel more like myself in my clothes now! You go girl! You’re adorable!

  2. LOVE this! Your style is amazing and it is definitely very Jeanette! It is definitely so important to stay true to yourself and no follow all the styles just because they’re “in.

  3. Luckily in the dance studio we could wear butterfly clips and tutus til are hearts were content. I love your style and completely agree with the sentiment!

  4. I have also been neglecting finding my own personal style and I think I have changed my mind so many times that I actually have no Idea whether I know what my style is anymore. I need to really find myself and do me without trying to be like other people.

  5. I’ve noticed I’ve become more accepting of my own personal style as I’ve gotten older! I guess I’m just more comfortable in my own skin these days. Love your style!

  6. Love that you stay true to your style. It’s so important. I have been on the peer bandwagon before- more influenced than pressured and it’s not that I hated it- it just wasn’t me (but I was the band tee and jeans kind of girl). As a grown up- I’m finally coming into my own fashion wise and it feels really good!

  7. So so true! I also went through a stage where I stopped dressing the way I liked when I was in high school. It was like it sapped all my creativity out of me.
    I love your style, you look amazing!

  8. Omg I’m screaming at the fact you shouted me out. I love you so much and your girly style!! I cannot even imagine you wearing the skateboard look, but we have definitely all been there! hahha, glad those days are over.

    You are literally a style icon for me and I love the message of staying true to yourself and your style.

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