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As a mother, I have conflicting emotions about time. Time is equal parts painfully slow and exhilaratingly fast. Time is simultaneously arbitrary and invaluably important. Time can go from zero to sixty and then back to zero within seconds. Time is both indescribably painful and indescribably lovely. Time never ceases to confuse and amuse me as a mother.

My oldest was a colicky baby. He cried a lot, and I mean A LOT. I remember staring at my watch at 2 am bouncing him on a yoga ball one night to keep him from screaming. Time seemed to mock me it was going so slow. The minutes ticked along like hours. Fast forward (and I use the word fast deliberately) five years and that restless, colicky, sweet and chubby baby is a five-year old kid. A tall, lean, smart, athletic boy. It seems like both a million years ago and just yesterday he was learning to take his first calf like steps. Now I watch him play soccer. He runs with the speed of a future Olympic athlete. It’s hard to remember he once couldn’t take a single step without my assistance. How is time so cruel yet so beautiful to us mothers? Motherhood is a never-ending roller coaster ride of begging time to speed up and the next minute pleading with it to slow down.

As a mother, time is so important and valuable to me. Quality time with my children is so priceless it has no monetary value. Time is also a functional component of my life as a mother.  We need to be to school on time, to swim lessons on time, to church on time… the list never ends. Time seems to always be on my mind, which is why I absolutely adore my wooden Jord Watch. Not only is it a beautifully designed and flawlessly constructed fashion accessory but it minds the minutes for me so I can enjoy the moments of motherhood.

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15 thoughts on “My Perception Of Time As A Mother”

  1. What a great post!! It’s so true how time works. In the middle of the night I can be up for the longest hours with Winston but then the days and years even whiz on by. It’s crazy! And these watches are so gorgeous!! 😍

  2. Great post. Time is relative, and is important to make the most of it. Many times I am surprised that it is already Friday and I realize that time flies … sometimes, faster than I would like to. Thanks for sharing your thought and those pretty watched. My husband has also a wood watch and, wow, they are so light and comfortable.

  3. Time really does fly. I have three children, they are now a teenager, pre-teen and elementary child. I have seen all too much how time flies, I also know that each child has brought a new experience of motherhood to me. Great, well written post that made me feel like I can relate!

  4. Those Jord Watches are so fashionable. I agree with you about perception of time as a mother. When you are in the thick of mothering young children, time can be painfully slow. But then a year passes, and your infant is now a toddler, and you realize how fast it all went.

  5. No monetary value at all yes on time with kids…love them to the moon and back. I really enjoyed reading your post. Only great styling watches for a beautiful mom as you to keep track of time. Loved your watch selection

  6. Excellent write up. Time affects us all. I can only imagine how it affects mothers. As bitterly sweet as it is, I hope to one day experience the perception of time in my child’s eyes.

  7. Oh man. I could have written that first part about my own 5 year old. Time is going way too fast. My youngest is already 2 1/2 and as much as I sometimes ache for another baby, I’d probably better be done. Thank you for sharing this.

    -Mama from Mama Writes Reviews

  8. Tell me about “Time” Do I even know what that word means anymore?? lol. The Only reason I say that is because I have four boys and you might imagine what life is like, there is no more time for anything when it comes down to making it on time for certain occasions or appointments is a whole ordeal, it really takes double or triple the effort to get everyone out the door, sometimes I even have to wear my husband… ugh… well I really enjoyed your content.

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