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I’m a head band girl.

I’m a head band girl for two reasons:

1. I have mom hair. My hair is ALWAYS a hot mess. The quickest and cutest way to fool people into missing my disheveled Dr. Seuss hair is to throw a stylish headband on. See? 👇🏻 Problem solved! You would never have guessed I didn’t bother to brush my hair for that photo!

2. As a mom, a ballerina, and someone who enjoys fitness, I am ALWAYS exercising in one form (wrestling wild kids into the car) or another (pirouette-ing at the studio) and a head band is the perfect way to keep my hair out of my face so I can stay in beast mode undistracted.

Enter my new favorite head bands from Maven Thread! These head bands are cute, comfortable and TOTALLY functional. If an exercise head band can stay perfectly in place for an entire ballet class, it’s pretty legit.

I also figured out that these head bands are machine washable! I was forced to figure this out after my toddler swiped my head band off my head and proceeded to throw it in the toilet. What mom doesn’t love the two magic words: machine washable?

My friends over at Maven Thread have offered my readers a special ten percent discount code when you order one of their head band duos! That is a STEAL! I have also been informed they will be releasing several new designs in the next few weeks as well! I highly recommend snagging a pair (or more) of these stylish and functional headbands!

Discount code: BALLET10

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