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Childhood is meant to be magical. As I mother, I believe it’s my responsibility to provide magical opportunities and experiences to my tiny human tribe. Whether it’s our bedtime stories about castles made of candy, or our costume parties where we dress up as dragons and knights, I try to routinely facilitate the development of my children’s imaginations. My most treasured childhood memories included playing make-believe with my brothers and creating original plays with my neighborhood friends and performing them for our parents. I want my children to have similar, imagination fueled, happy memories.

I originally purchased this adorable teepee because I’m a horrific fort builder and thought this was an acceptable solution to my poor architectural skills. The tepee has served not only as a fort, but as a reading haven, a hiding spot, a napping spot, and place of play and pretend. It has been loved and well used.

I caught a very angry dragon asleep in this teepee when he was supposed to be on a time out for rotten behavior. When the dragon awoke from hibernation, I asked him why he left his designated time out spot, he replied, ‘dragons don’t have time outs in human rooms, they go to their caves.’ I couldn’t help but smile and laugh. Then the dragon breathed fire on me. Dragons say and do the darndest things.

Wild things and lions played in the teepee this summer….

Many games were played in the teepee…

And my absolute favorite…three baby bears were snuggled often by their mama bear in the teepee this summer.

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